eCommunication 21.03.18 - Message from Principal Ms Maria Oddo

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students
Below is a list of important information for your attention.
Road safety
We are always working towards improving safety for all members of our College community. We ask for your support and assistance at home in reinforcing this message with your son/daughter.
Road use and safety is vital to ensure that students arrive and return to and from school safely.
Mitchell’s Lane is currently carrying a large volume of traffic. We ask parents/guardians to remind their son/daughter to use the supervised pedestrian crossings; particularly the crossing at the front of the College.  Students are to take care when crossing other roadways, particularly where there are roundabouts. Mobile phone use whilst crossing roads must be avoided.
The College staff carpark area is an ‘out of bounds’ area. Students are not permitted to be in this area, as this presents a potential risk and danger. Parents/Guardians are not permitted to use this area when dropping off or collecting students.
Bike users
Students who ride their bike to and from school are reminded that by law a helmet is to be worn. Parents/Guardians are asked to support this requirement.
Bus Travellers –please note
If your son/daughter is a school bus traveller please remind them that they are to remain behind the designated access point on the footpath. Unfortunately it has been reported that there have been several near misses because students have been waiting on the asphalt roadway rather than on the concrete foot path.
Reiterating these safety messages at home provides consistency with school information and expectations.
College Visitors 
All visitors to the College are reminded they must report and sign in at the Administration Office Compass Kiosk. This is an Occupational Health and Safety requirement of the College in line with DET guidelines.
The College uniform is designed to promote a student’s connectedness to school and therefore should be worn with pride. The uniform is also designed so students can easily be identified on College grounds and within the community.
The purpose of this communication is to thank the overwhelming majority of families who are supporting us with their son/daughter’s wearing of school uniform. It is also is to remind you of some important points about wearing the uniform correctly, in line with College guidelines.

  • The College uniform consists of a blazer and tie. It is required to be worn to and from school. Please ensure you assist with this expectation so that your son/daughter leaves home in full school uniform which includes the blazer and tie.
  • The College dress or skirt needs to be worn 5 inches above the knee. Adolescents have periods of rapid physical growth with their natural development. We ask Parents/Guardians to monitor the length and have it adjusted accordingly.
  • PE uniform is to be worn only on the timetabled designated Physical Education days, or when representing the College with interschool sport.
  • The spray jacket can only be worn with the PE uniform, except for Year 12 students who are exempt for 2018 only.
  • Students are to wear plain white socks with no logo.

New PE Uniform
The new PE uniform is in stock and families at all levels are strongly encouraged to purchase these items. The feedback that we have received from students has been very positive. They are commenting that it is extremely comfortable and fits well.
Please note: The new Physical Education soft shell jacket (part of the PE uniform) is permitted to be worn by students as the outer layer item (instead of the blazer), with their regular uniform during Terms 2 and 3 only. The College blazer is able to be worn all year. Please place your uniform order to avoid the expected high demand for uniform items in the coming months leading into Term 2 and colder weather.
The Uniform Shop is located on site and is open Mondays and Thursdays 3:15 pm to 5:00pm.
We appreciate the support from families in maintaining our high uniform standards and the positive impact this has for our College in the community.
Thank you in anticipation of assisting us with these matters.
Maria Oddo | PRINCIPAL
Sunbury Downs College

‘Confidence to Achieve’
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