eCommunication 20.03.18 - GPA Meeting requests

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s)

Re: Grade Point Average (GPA) - Meeting Requests

Please be advised of a change in the PIMs booking request process for the College.
The GPA progress report no longer provides the option for teaching staff to request a parent booking. The PIMs is a scheduled College event for all students and families.

This event is not a Pupil Free Day and all students are expected to attend with their parent/guardian to receive feedback from teachers related to progress (achievement and improvement) .
Meeting/s must be booked with individual subject teachers particularly if you have concerns about your child’s Learning Task results or GPA results for that subject.
At the meetings academic progress and future learning goals can be discussed.

A reminder that PIMs bookings close this Friday 23 March at 4:30pm.
We look forward to discussing with you your child’s progress on Monday.
Courtney Ryan | Leading Teacher -  Feedback, Assessment & Reporting
Sunbury Downs College

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