eCommunication 16.03.18 - Grade Point Averages (GPAs)

Grade Point Average (GPAs)
GPAs will be published at 4:30pm on 16 March. These GPAs provide feedback on student work habits prior to Progress Information Meetings. A rubric indicating how your child has been assessed is attached for your reference.
Learning Tasks
Staff have been assessing student’s Assessment Tasks through Compass Learning Tasks. A reminder that parents can view their child’s Learning Tasks in Compass along with their results and feedback. Instructions on how to access Learning Tasks was distributed as an e communication on 20 February titled 2018 Assessment and Reporting Schedule.
Progress Information Meetings (PIMs)
PIMs is occurring from 11am – 7pm on 26 March. PIMs provides an opportunity for parents and students to meet with subject teachers to discuss academic progress and work habits. Bookings are available from the following dates and times:
Bookings open - 4:30pm 16 March
Bookings close - 4:30pm 23 March
Instructions on how to book a meeting with teachers can be found in the 2018 Assessment and Reporting Schedule published on Compass on 20 February. A reminder that there is no timetabled classes on this day and students are expected to attend the meetings with a parent/guardian in full school uniform (not PE uniform). This is not a pupil free day. We look forward to meeting with you and your child to discuss their progress and set future goals.

Ms Courtney Ryan
Feedback, Assessment & Reporting Leader

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