eCommunication 26.02.18 - Principal and Assistant Principal message to students Year 7-12

Dear Students
Thank you for the smooth start to the 2018 academic year.
This year the College will have maintenance and building works at various times. Safety is a very high priority at Sunbury Downs College and we all have responsibilities to fulfil.
In order to maintain a high level of safety you are asked to read and understand the information below.
The list below provides a safe and orderly teaching and learning environment that upholds our core 5 College values:

  • Respectful Relationships
  • Ambitious Expectations
  • Resilient Behaviours
  • Successful Outcomes
  • Community Engagement

Are you ready to learn?
Being prepared for class
Students should be in class on time for each lesson with the right equipment/material.
Your organisation is a habit teachers look for when making an assessment for the Grade Point Average (GPA’s).
Be organised and ready to learn for each and every class.
Student Planners
These must be with you in class at all times and taken home to organise set homework tasks.
It is also one of the communication tools between school and home. Please have planners signed each week.
If at any time you are required to leave the classroom, the teacher must record this in your planner.
For safety reasons, please do not leave a classroom without your planner which has this written permission.
Drink Bottles
Hydration is a key to our health and wellbeing. We encourage students to bring a water (water only)  bottle to school that can be filled during recess and lunchtime.
Water bottles are recommended to be accessible in classes to avoid students asking to leave class for a drink.
Teachers will uphold the importance of learning time and therefore not permit students to leave class for this reason.
Restroom Use
The restrooms for Middle and Later Years students are open for students to use in recess and lunchtime.
All students are reminded that this is the time for its use not during classes.
Thanking you in advance for your cooperation.
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