eCommunication 20.02.18 - Fast Food Delivery

Dear Parents and Students
The College provides a safe and orderly environment to nurture our students in their secondary schooling. Students are asked to bring snacks and lunch to school or order/buy food using the Canteen provision which is on site.
A Canteen Menu is attached for your convenience.
It is a timely reminder to Parents/Guardians to refrain from purchasing fast food and delivering this to the College. This practice creates an O H & S issue and potential risk factors. In any situation where your child needs support related to having food at school, please contact the Home Group Teacher at first instance and then the Year Level Coordinator.
Visitors to the College are required to sign in using the Compass kiosk located at the Administration Office.
We thank you in anticipation of your understanding and cooperation.
Maria Oddo | PRINCIPAL
Sunbury Downs College

‘Confidence to Achieve’
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