eCommunication 05.02.18 - Parent Seminar Survey

Dear Parents and Guardians,
At Sunbury Downs College we pride ourselves on providing the best opportunities for young people to grow and develop. Part of this involves working with parents and guardians to ensure you are best equipped to support your young people during their time at secondary school.
With this in mind, throughout 2018 we would like to run like to offer parents and guardians the opportunity to take part in a series of Parent Seminars designed to assist you in supporting your young people.
Before we finalise the calendar for 2018, we would like to gauge the level of interest in each of the following topics;

  • Middle Years Study Skills
  • Later Years Study Skills
  • Cyber Safety
  • VCE Preparation
  • Supports available for your child within the Sunbury Community
  • Building Resilience
  • Understanding Teens

If you would be interested in attending a session on any of the above topics, please complete the Survey Monkey on the link below;

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr Dwayne Stojcevski, Middle Years Mini-School Leader or Sarah Zapparoni Head of Curriculum (Acting).


Dwayne Stojcevski
Sunbury Downs College
‘Confidence to Achieve’
Dwayne Stojcevski | Middle Years Mini-School Leader
P 03 9744 0500  F 03 9744 1604     
Mitchell's Lane Sunbury Victoria 3429 | PO Box 625 Sunbury Victoria 3429

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