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The term ‘Humanities’ comes from the Latin word humanitas, which means in essence ‘human nature’ or ‘humanity’. So the Humanities involves the study of everything relating to humankind, its history, it’s place in the world and the systems it has constructed for itself in order to survive.

In Humanities we engage students in questions about belief systems, social organization, geographical skills, historical knowledge and economic realities — essentially studying what it means to be human.

The Roman poet Terence, over 2,000 years ago, wrote: ‘there is nothing relating to mankind that does not concern me.’ Similarly, many hundreds of years later the English poet Alexander Pope was to comment: ‘the proper study of mankind is man.’

At Sunbury Downs College, in accordance with the National Curriculum developments, subject areas include combined Humanities courses from Years 7-9 in History, Geography, Economics and Civics and Citizenship. At Year 10 students are able to choose from a range of semester long electives, specially designed to provide a sound basis for VCE. These include VET Business Studies, ‘Global Politics: The International Community’, ‘History: The Rise of the Dictators’, ‘Geography: Sustainability’ and ‘Legal Studies: Introduction to the Law’. At VCE the Humanities Department offers study in Geography, History, Legal Studies, Business Management and Global Politics producing well rounded individuals capable of researching, analysing, evaluating and synthesising humanity in all its varied forms.

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